Reviewed: Netflix Originals – Bloodline
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Reviewed: Netflix Originals – Bloodline

Reviewed: Bloodline

Game Of Thrones Season Five has finished. But, you already knew that, because 1.7 million people watched it. So, either you, or your mates, your mates flatmates, or possibly all of the above, have discussed this at some length.

So what are you going to watch now?

We’re gonna recommend you take a look at Bloodline. Admittedly there’s an absence of Fingerbanging and/or Dragons, but as binge-watches go, it’s searing stuff. We know this, as we just watched all 13 episodes of the first series in about 4 days.



                                                                            T-Pain’s follow up boat party was way more intense

It’s a Netflix Original Series. Given Netflix have moved recently from being an alternate TV channel to a self-sustained production studio with the likes of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Orange Is The New Black and House of Cards amongst others – the ‘Original Series’ tagline has gone from being the mark of a kooky experiment to a seal of major-studio quality.

What’s The Deal?

A super-happy, rose-tinted Florida family: Mom, Dad run a prestigous beach-house holiday resort. Son No.1 is the local sheriff. Son No.2 runs the local boatyard. Daughter is the family lawyer. All in suitably stable, mellow relationships.

What’s The Story?

A family re-union brings The other son back to town. He’s the black sheep of the family. A nightmare to deal with. What soon emerges is that this wasn’t always the case, he’s actually been scapegoated for something he didn’t do. He’s understandably pissed with this. So he sets out to wreak a pretty elaborate revenge.



Why We’re Into This

Subtle tension is hard to get right. We’re so used to massive cliffhangers, unbelievably, well, unbelievable plot twists and characters that exist purely to position parts of the story in the right direction. Bloodline feels real. Slowly but surely, this entire family disintegrates over the course of a few months, in an perfectly paced way. Sound slow? There’s still drugs, people smuggling, beatings, guns, fires, affairs, fights and plenty of missed calls. It sits in an interesting middle space between Cop Drama and Family Drama.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 14.12.47

A lot of the animosity comes from Danny’s insistence on wearing Birkenstock sandals…..

The performances from all are brilliant, led by Sissi Spacek as the Mom (To aspiring movie geeks: She was in the original version of Stephen King’s Carrie. If you haven’t seen that, go and find it online now. It’s one of the original “psychological” horror movies…)

Ben Mendelsohn as wayward son Danny is perfectly cast – mostly because he never quite does anything wrong, feeding this constant dialogue of is-he-a-bad-guy-isn’t-he. It’s one of the few series we’ve seen that stays in your head afterward.

Oh, and Season Two is on the way, apparently.

It’s on Netflix. Cue binge-watching. Hungover Sundays just got that bit better.

Go See It.




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