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How To Make Lunch – Vietnamese Style

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Restaurants are sexy. As a result, restaurants (at least, the sexier ones), are pricey. They are the original venue when it comes to a hot date, but what happens toward the end of the month when funds inevitably run dry?

Well, here’s the thing. Behind all the champagne-openings, faddish new dishes and celebrity cameos, most restuarant owners know exactly what it’s like to be a bit thin on the finance front. So, The Male Report has been speaking to a few of them, and has come up with a cunning plan. Our MR Food video series features chefs from some of the UK’s hottest new restaurants: teaching you how to make simplified versions of their signature dishes, using ingredients from local supermarkets.



That way, if it’s the Wednesday before payday, you’re down to your last £58 but The New Potential Girlfriend wants to see you again, there’s no panic. Simply suggest you cook something at your place. Trust us. That in itself, if done well, is as good as any restaurant date. Oh, and once you do get paid – you could probably go ahead and check out these featured venues anyway.

We’re actually start off with a lunch. It’s a Vietnamese variant on a sandwich. Because it’s summer, and post-work picnics are totally a potential thing. To do so we caught up with Vietnamese cafe owner Tom Barlow, whose new outfit Whaam Banh Mi, specialises in this stuff.











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