Croatia Rumours: Guide- The Garden Festival
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Croatia Rumours: Guide- The Garden Festival

We don’t need to tell you what you already know. Croatia, is on.

The former Yugoslavia has a 2000km long coastline of practically unbroken beach. Along that stretch, at four key locations, some 22 festivals take place. The country has become an international proving ground for electronic music – with the majority of the events run by Italian, German and British promoters. We spent the summer of 2014 out there, documenting about 14 of these festivals, and meeting the promoters behind the rest.


Here then, is the first of our Rumours guides on emergent electronic music scenes. Crucially – tickets to all these events are still on sale….

The Garden Festival

CRPicsEX (1 of 1)-2

Tickets to the boat party were so expensive, Rosie was forced to sell her top…..

The Stats:

1st-8th July

148 DJs
8 Days


The Story:

The festival that started it all. The Garden Festival started life way back in 2005 as a week long pop-up party in a disused hotel garden in the fishing village of Petrcane. Skip forward to its tenth anniversary this year and The Garden Festival is now held in a purpose-adapted site in the town of Tisno. Despite that, TGF’s promoters have worked hard to maintain that same spirit that powered the earlier instalments of this event – capping sales per year to just 2500 people. That, combined with a powerhouse line-up and serious leaning toward new-disco has maintained a vaguely hippy counter-culture throughout. The system clearly works, The Garden Festivals has a near 50% return rate of both artists and crowd year on year, giving the whole place a kind of house-party vibe.

Overall Music Policy: New-disco, house

CRPicsEX (1 of 1)-4

….and, in 2014, Justin Martin. Who, as far as we’re concerned, kinda sits in a category of his own….


The Crowd

 CRPicsEX (1 of 1)-5

CRPicsEX (1 of 2)

A kind of house-party meets never-ending beach session meets Ibiza 90s throwback theme. There’s a lot of glitter. People smoke rollies out of choice. Guys wear spandex. There’s feathers. The boat parties all happen on wooden ships. It’s….you just have to see it. 50% of the same crowd return year on year. Go figure…
Head Of The Line-Up: Eats Everything / Seth Troxler / Jackmaster

A retro-esque line-up from Jackmaster


Middle Of The Line-Up: PBR Streetgang / Krankbrother DJs / Midland

PBR Streetgang, as part of the Futureboogie family, have been part of The Garden Festival since the beginning

Tail Of The Line-Up: Subb-Ann / Leon Vynehall / Futureboogie DJs



Full Line Up

(opens in new tab)


CRPicsEX (1 of 1)-3

These guys will no doubt be there. We’re not sure if they were booked or just sort of….found….in the woods.


Beats Per Buck

The Cost: £120
So The Cost Per Day: £15
So The Cost Per DJ Performing: £0.81


Why We Love It: It’s a holiday as well as a festival. Whilst we’ll admit our usual preference for a festival is an all-day-every-day, slamming beat-fuelled workout, The Garden Festival seems to hit the perfect intersection between high quality music and genuine chill out opportunities: there’s a beach that’s never too packed during the day, and the boat parties are an all-day laid back affair.


CRPicsEX (1 of 1)

Justin Martin’s boat party however, was not a laid back affair. In fact, he tried to leave at one point, before someone pinned him down and aggressively face-painted him…


Insider Tips:

-Get tickets to the all-day island party – it’s a proper day out.
-Venture into downtown Tisno one night. There’s a string of seriously nice restaurants available on the cheap
-Consider looking at in-town accomadation. There are some bargains to be had on the villa front. You might try hitting up Croatia Wave– who we crashed with last summer.


CRPicsEX (2 of 2)

Facepaint optional. If you’re a guy, that is…
Logistics: The Best airport for The Garden Festival is Split. From there the festival puts on transport buses – Or there’s a local Split-Zagreb that stops in downtown Tisno once or twice a day (the calendar changes year on year)

Go Get Tickets (Opens in a new tab)




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