An Accessory To Office Style: Boost Your Work Wardrobe For £55

An Accessory To Office Style: Boost Your Work Wardrobe For £55

We are entering Q4. It’s sort of like the prequel-movie that franchises do when trying to figure out how their next two sequels pan out. Not an awful lot happens apart from some needless character development. In the case of Prometheus it’s an entertaining if ultimately futile sexual chemistry between a couple of the characters. In the case of your office…. it’ll be entertaining an if ultimately futile sexual chemistry, between a couple of the characters.


No no it’s not you babe. I just…I just can’t work out how those blue dudes from Avatar suddenly got so hench….

Rise above the generally banal banter and instagram-esque “holiday flashback” anecdotes by looking sharper than a winter morning with these simple accessories to boost your regular attire.


Get Stylish, Not Tied Down


Somewhere between the £6 “Oh jeez it’s my quarterly review today” emergency desk-drawer jobs and the £80 “In a very boring marriage” designer brands, there’s a sweet spot of dapper ties that are just about on budget. Further, in today’s office, you’re only going to be wearing ties to the occasional client meeting, so it’s worth spending a few quid more on one you really like. Debenhams, Home of British bargains and British MILFS, has a few options:

097010470803 097010560363 097010661252



£20 + £3.49 Delivery

Cost: £23.49

(Find em here, here and here)


Cuff Me

Much like ties, cufflinks are a rare event in the office indeed. Therefore, like your flirtation with Katie in HR, an attractive proposition but probably not one worth investing much time or money in. Take the easy route and buy some of these from TM Lewin:

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 11.32.19


Cost: £4 each + free collection (There’s T.M Lewin shops everywhere….)

Find em here


A Belter Of A Presentation:


Belt styles in the office are like your sexual orientation in Uganda. We all of us probably have tendencies or preferences, but in this instance it’s safest to opt for the straightest option possible: HM keep things conservatively stylish with this braided option:



Alternately, if you like the countryside, Royal Ascot, Henley and girls called Lizzy, you could go brown instead.



 £12.99 + £3.98 Delivery

Cost: £16.98

Find em here, or here


Caught Necking Outside The Office


Autumn is Scarf weather. Scarves are arguably the most accessible fashion item in the world, used by Wall Street bankers, vacuous celebs and ISIS in equal measure. Make sure you hit the former style-wise by keeping it dead simple:

hmprod4 hmprod3




Cost: £7.99 + £ Free if you bought belt

Find em here or here


Total Cost All In = £52.46


Or….Because Awesome….

You could just decide that the only way to survive the increasingly grey days in the office are to pretend you are indeed working on Wall Street, in the 1980s. Owing to EU regulations, you’ll find smoking a cigar a challenge, but you could go with:



Cost: £6.99 + £Free if you bought belt

Get em here




£18 + £3 Delivery

Cost: £21

Get em here


Note: Don’t wear these two at the same time. You’ll look like you’re rocking a parachute. Which HR may well interpret as a coded statement about your intentions to jump jobs. Which they’ll help along. By firing you.


Go Get Autumnised, Bro




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